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Meeting style: web conference

Live streaming

November 9 (Mon) - November 10 (Tue), 2020
Program: Symposium, Educational Lecture and a part of Asia Spine

On-demand streaming

November 13 (Fri) - December 14 (Mon), 2020
Program: Oral and all the presentations recording the above live streaming.


Registration method

Online registration with a credit card payment required
*For undergraduates & Japanese junior residents, please see below 4 and 3.

Registration period

October 16 (Fri) – December 11 (Fri), 2020

[Important Notice]
You will not be temporarily inaccessible to the registration site during the following period while system maintenance is performed.
Date: Monday, November 16, 2020, 9:00-12:00 (JST)


Registration fee

NSJ Member/ Physician JPY 18,000
Allied Health
JPY 8,000
Undergraduate &
Japanese junior resident
*Undergraduates are required to show Student ID.
*Japanese junior residents are required to submit a Certificate of Enrollment issued by the person responsible for training, or the head of faculty, at your institute.
  • Credit cards accepted
    VISA, Master, Diners, AMEX and JCB
  • Correction and cancellation
    No refunds will be made for any reasons after your payment is completed. A change of your registration category will not be accepted after your payment. Please be careful not to make a double registration.
  • For Japanese junior residents
    A format of Certificate of Enrollment is downloadable from the button below. Please send a scanned copy of a signed and sealed Certificate of Enrollment within three days from your online registration date by email to the secretariat.(
  • For undergraduates
    Online registration is not available. Please inquire by email to the secretariat (, citing that you want to register as an undergraduate, along with your name, university with faculty and division, address with postal code, telephone number, and email address. Attach a scanned copy of your valid student ID to the email. Please inquire well before the registration deadline.
  • We will void a registration in case that a Japanese junior resident (an undergraduate) does not submit a certificate of enrollment (student ID) or submits an inadequate one.
  • Certificate of participation along with a receipt of registration fee will be issued by email in a month or so after the virtual conference ends. We will certify your participation confirming the log data of your viewing video(s) streamed on our virtual conference.
  • Only the registrants can view the virtual conference. Your log-in ID and password both registered at the time of your registration will be necessary to log in to the virtual conference (on-demand streaming/viewing system), so please keep them safe.
  • To participate in our virtual conference, you are required to consent to our regulations for participation as follows:

    - It is strictly prohibited to transfer your log-in ID and password to others.

    - The viewers of our virtual conference are limited to the registrants. Non-registrants are strictly prohibited from viewing it.

    - The registrants’ taking a picture, screenshot and/or screen capture, video recording and/or sound recording, of the lecture videos streamed on our virtual conference are all strictly prohibited.

    - We assumed no responsibility or liability for any privacy and/or copyright matters resulted from a registrant’s transfer of any content(s) of the lectures streamed on our virtual conference, to a third party.

  • To participate in our virtual conference, you are required to consent to our privacy policy as follows:

    - Personal information we collect may be used for the operation purposes of our virtual conference only and will not be disclosed unless at the time of registration, a registrant agreed to our disclosure upon sponsor companies' request for information on their seminar viewers.

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The 35th Annual Meeting of the Neurospinal Society of Japan
The 11th Asia Spine Annual Meeting

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